The George C. Davis Coach • RPCX 800844

In 2007, our Society, was able to acquire four (4) cafe coach cars from Virginia railway Express (VRE). These cars were purchased in hope to run them on our excursions in the fall. In 2012, one is ready for its madian voyage on the New River Train. With the hard work, and dedication of our, all volunteer, South Yard Crew, who has worked year round, sometimes over 4 days a week, the car is finished. All the windows have been replaced with proper windows. All new seats were installed in the car, which were doanted form another organization. The car has had all mechanical upgrades to run on Amtrak. On September 15, 2012, the car was officially named The "George C. Davis" in memory of a fellow member who passed away in 1991. He was a hard worker in South Yard and loved what he did. For a full description of this man, please visit the Gondola Gazette Issue; October 2012 to read.

Originally, the George C. Davis was built in 1956 as a self propelled Rail Diesel Car (RDC) for the Boston & Maine Railroad. After being in communter service for many years, the car was shipped to Boise, ID to be rebuilt as a standard coach, in the 1980's. Sometime in the 1980's, after the car was stripped of its engines, VRE aquired the car, and rebuilt the car for use as a cafe car on long haul commuter trains. After many years of hard work, the car was finally retired in 2001 and stored on a siding in Manassas, VA until 2007 when we purchased the car. Due to the low amount of volunteers, and trying to maintain our other 2 lounge cars, work was very slow on the coach. Finally, in 2012, the coach is finished.

As of 2015, the George C. Davis is on long term lease with the Dennison, Ohio Depot. The car is operating on their winter excursions.



Outside of the George C. Davis


Inside of the George C. Davis


This is one of the 4 VRE cars we own. This is how all 4 of them came to use from VRE


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