Time Table

The times listed below are not set in stone. The times may change slightly due to delays beyond our control. The schedule is timed this way for the safest trip possible and to make sure passengers are always as safe as they can be. The railroad's number one concern is "Safety First!"

Boarding in Huntington in the morning of each trip, begins at 7:00 am. The train LEAVES promptly at 8:30 am. Please be no later than 8:00 am.

Due to our train being as long as it is, there will be two stops at each arriving point. When we depart each station, there will not be two stops. When you arrive in Huntington, you will walk to your assigned car. When arriving in Hinton, WV, there will be two stops. The first stop will be to let most of the Coach Passengers off the train which may take up to 20 minutes. After most of the coach passengers are off the train, we will pull forward for the second, and last stop, to de-train the rest of the train. When re-boarding the train, you will have to walk to your car. When arriving in Huntington, WV, we will make our first stop to allow most of the Premium & Dome passengers first which will take roughly around 20 minutes. Then we will make our second and final stop to allow the rest of the passengers to de-train. Passengers in cars not on the platform must walk through other cars in order to de-train.

Thank you for your understanding in trying to make this trip the most enjoyable and the safest trip possible.

Time Table


8:30 am........ Depart Huntington, WV
9:30 am........ Depart St. Albans, WV
1:00 pm........ Arrive Hinton, WV


4:00 pm........ Depart Hinton, WV
7:15 pm........ Depart St. Albans, WV
8:30 pm........ Arrive Huntington, WV


** TImes are subject to change due to loss of time or tardiness. Our oganization is not responsible for tardiness or loss of time. **


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