CPH Railroad Radio Feed (Huntington, West Virginia)

This radio feed monitors railroad radio traffic in and around Huntington, WV. The feed is located near the railroad tracks at the Collis P. Huntington Railroad Historical Society. The radio feed consists of 2 directional VHF Antennas; one pointing East towards Barboursville, WV, and the other pointed West towards Ashland, KY. The radio used in this set-up is a Kenwood TM-281a. The audio is received and brought into a feed computer that is the dedicated computer for the radio feed. To visit the Historical Society's website that hosts the feed click Collis P. Huntington Railroad Historical Society. A map of the feed is seen below. Below the map is a view of the two directional antennas (right), along with the Kenwood TM-281a Radio (left). Seen behind the antenna is CSX's Huntington Yard.

Frequencies Monitored by this radio feed:
AAR Channel 08 (160.230) ~ CSX Road Channel
AAR Channel 14 (160.320) ~ CSX Ohio River/Logan Subdivision Dispatcher
AAR Channel 20 (160.410) ~ CSX Kanawha Subdivision Dispatcher
AAR Channel 45 (160.785) ~ CSX Maintenance of Way
AAR Channel 76 (161.250) ~ Norfolk Southern General Railroad Operations

Below is a map of the area that our radio feed covers.


Some Informative Links below:
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