The Collis P. Huntington Railroad Historical Society, Inc. is pleased to present the Huntington Holiday Express. This new train ride will be held on TBA

Families will be able to ride on historic railroad cars to hear a magical Christmas music while enjoying hot chocolate and cookies. Children will also meet Santa Claus and receive a special gift from him. This train ride will last about an hour and kids are encouraged to wear their pajamas.

Tickets can be ordered by calling the Railroad Historical Society’s office at 304-523-0364 or online at

We look forward to enjoying the Spirit of Christmas with the Tri-State.


Tickets can be picked up the day of your train trip 45 minutes prior. Please bring photo ID and email confirmation. The confirmation may be viewed on a smart phone or a printed out.

Cars will be assigned but NOT seats. If you want to sit with your friends who ordered separately you MUST TELL us when you order. If you don't, you will NOT sit together and we will NOT reassign assignments.

All children must be accompanied by an adult!


Dates: TBA


**This trip will not be handicap accessible. Historic and antiquated rail passenger equipment, like that used on this excursion, is exempt from ADA regulations under U.S. Code: Title 42: Section 12184. The passenger cars and station facilities used on this excursion were constructed before disability accessibility laws were adopted. Platforms, boarding areas, stairs, step-stools, seating, and especially doorways, passageways, aisles, and onboard restrooms may not accomodate all passengers. We will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate differently abled passengers who desire to ride this train. There will be NO motorized wheelchairs and/or scooters accepted onboard our train. Due to the length of our train, walking is required in Huntington and in Hinton. Footing, steps, and stepstools may be insecure due to the ground. Please watch your footing while loading and unloading from the train!