All Our Other Equipment from the Past

In 1983 we aquired a Diner, Amtrak Number 8013. When we aquired the diner, we renumbered to its original Seaboard number 6108. It was also known as the 5913 on the Seaboard Coatline Railroad. The car now has been scrapped due to catastrophic center seal deterioration. (Diner pictured below)

diner1 diner2


In 1985 we acquired the ex UP 7003 Dome car from the original Auto Train (not Amtrak's). The car was in red and purple colors when we acquired it and wore the numbers 703. The seats stripped and reupholstered along with putting a bar in. The Lexan windows were replaced with glass instead and the trucks were re-worked. It was repainted to UP colors around 1986. We sold the car to Charter Wire in 2004 due to not having the funds to do an Amtrak PC2 and Head End Power needed for private car service on Amtrak. (Dome pictured below)

dome1 dome2


In 1986 we acquired 2 C&O coaches numbered C&O 1505 and C&O 1510. We acquired these cars from Amtrak. They were not rebuilt and sold to an outfit in South Carolina. (Coach is pictured below in its current home)



In 1988 we acquired a 55 foot Army Hospital Kitchen Car from CSX as number 125. The car originally car out of Fort Eustis in Tide Water, VA. The car was never used for the Army, even though it was an Army Car. When we aquired the car, we rearranged the kitchen, installed a generator, removed a water tank. We painted it in C&O tri-color and named it the "CIty of Hinton" with number HUNX 357. After the steam days, the car sat idle for many years before we sold it to Robert Franzen in 2006.



In 1988 we acquired an ex B&O coach named the Frimbo. Later we sold it to a member.


In 1967 we acquired the B&O 10/6 Pullman Built Heavyweight Sleeping Car.


In 1989 we acquired an ex Atlantic Coast Line 60 seat coach #222 from Amtrak. We used the car for our New River Train Excursions until we sold the car to VIA Rail in Canada. The car was a lightweight, Budd built coach and was built in 1940's.


We acquired the Alabama in 19__.


We acquired the John W. Arington in 19__.


Equipment we still own but out of service.

We aquired an ex New York Central Baggage/Auto Car for use as a storage facility in our maintence yard. The car was later used in Penn Central, then eventually Amtrak #1703. We aquired the car from Potomac Eagle as a trade for one of our cars.

Our South Yard facility also has an ex CSX Boxcar used for storage of equipment.

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